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Parisot - French designer and manufacturer established 75 years ago.

Most of the products at the Wardrobe Stores are sourced exclusively from Parisot. Founded in 1936 by Jacques Parisot, a graduate from the prestigious Ecole Boulle, the Parisot Group designs and manufactures flat pack furniture based on wooden particleboards with very low solvent emissions. You can use our furniture in every part of your home: sitting room, lounge, bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom.

Green Way

The Parisot Group is committed to the quality of its products. With its Green Way accreditation, the group constantly seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the products manufactured.

This process applies to every phase of the products' life cycle :

  • Purchase of raw materials: purchase of woods from eco-managed forests
  • Manufacture: use of boards very low solvent emissions.
  • Packaging: ongoing effort to reduce packaging and so reduce waste.
  • Transport: effective logistics with 10 national distribution sites enabling us to as far as possible optimise delivery routes.
  • End of life of products: partnership with various industries for the recycling and use of recycled wood in board manufacture.

French designer and manufacturer

Over 95% of Parisot Group's furniture is produced in France.

  • 3 800 000 pieces manufactured in France (95%).
  • 200 000 products manufactured in Romania (5%).

= 100% of products manufactured in Europe.

The group employs 1,400 people in France at our sites in Saint Loup sur Semouse, Corbenay (Haute-Saône) and Mattaincourt (Vosges). These are protected jobs in a difficult worldwide economic context.

A Windhurst Industries Group company

In February 2011 the Parisot Group joined the Windhurst Industries Group, an industrial group whose capital is in the majority family owned, founded in 2004 by François-Denis Poitrinal and run by Alain Fribourg.

The leading European interior furnishing group, Windhurst Industries employs 4300 people across 35 countries, with a turnover in the region of 550 million euros.