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Furniture Fit For A Beauty Queen

In today’s ever more image and style conscious world, where convenience and accessibility reigns, we look at ways to make this an easy and enjoyable part of our lives by bringing you a wonderful collection of beautifully crafted and well thought out furniture to ease and enhance your beauty regime.

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DIY Our Simple Guide

Can you build it? Yes you can!


As all our furniture is flat packed this is quite a pertinent issue. Some of us find the thought of doing it ourselves quite scary but with the right planning and preparation there is no reason why we cannot, sometimes with a little help, construct anything from a small bedside table to a large wardrobe.

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Why We Love Social Media

Social media has enabled us to have quick and easy contact with our friends and family however near or far away they are. It has given us an unparalleled window on the world where we can view and communicate anything and everything.

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5 TV Units That Also Make Perfect Homes for your Gaming Consoles

The summer is upon us, and while we all dream of that ideal summer - three months of solid, unwavering and glorious sunshine, we all know that Britain will be unable to provide it. So, to help fill your rainy days off this summer, we at The Wardrobe Store have compiled a list of the furniture that can double up as the perfect location for your personal games centre, both in terms of look and function.

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Mattress Protectors

Do you put an old sheet over your mattress like your Granny did, before you make your bed? Well if you do you are not simply following tradition and conditioning, but you are keeping both yourself and your mattress protected.

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Earth Day 2016

To celebrate Earth Day we would like to bring to your attention the wonderful and important work our principal supplier, Parisot France, does to promote and produce ethically sourced, crafted and distributed furniture.

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Gravity. Innovation and style for your childs bedroom.

In days gone by children’s bedrooms were sparse affairs, a single bed, hand me down furniture, designed for adults, and very little choice… thankfully those days are gone!

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Parisot 2016

We are delighted and exited to bring to you the brand new Parisot France catalogue for 2016. Exquisitely designed and thoughtfully manufactured Parisot is one of Europe’s leading producers of ethically sustainable furniture.

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Parisot Space Up... as liked by Superstars

With the hashtag “Things we can all learn from tiny houses” one of pop’s most loved daughters posted on her Instagram page a picture of our brilliant Space Up bed. 

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Introducing... The Parisot Quadri Collection

The brand new Parisot France catalogue for 2016 is about to be released but we have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview and have begun to select some fabulous furniture to delight and inspire you.

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