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Love Crafting? Love Our Parisot Craft Station

If you have a hobby, a passion or just love being creative then our Parisot Craft Station could be the desk for you. Let’s start at the top… the expansive and uncluttered bench top is a generous 128cm wide by 61cm deep so there is room to spread out the tools of your trade and still have space to focus on the task at hand. The dark grey work top is made from tough 22mm thick melamine and sits on top of a sturdy frame crafted from manufactured wood with a lovely hard wearing Brooklyn Oak foil finish. The body of the desk has a range of open shelves of varying sizes which are perfect for neatly storing your things whilst keeping them easily accessible but the feature we like the best is the tier of five drawers which swivel open giving you access to several drawers at once without causing an imbalance to the structure when all drawers are open – genius! Another innovative aspect to the drawers is the compartment dividers that can be added to two of the drawers for additional organisational capability avoiding the irritation of having to sort through a confusion of items to find the one thing that you want.


So whether you are a model maker, seamstress, illustrator or artist we think you will love our wonderful Parisot Craft Station and will find the innovative combination of work space and storage accommodation not only useful but inspirational too. You can view this brilliant workbench by clicking on the image below: