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The Dreaded Mattress Gap....

 Have you ever experienced that annoying little gap between your mattress and the footboard of your bed? Well take a look at this simple but clever solution. Parisot have created the mattress gap filler for single beds which perfectly fits the 10cm gap between the 2 metre European bed and the 1.9 metre British mattress.


Ever since I purchased my new bedframe I have experienced this highly irritating problem – I needed a solution. Previously, my feet hung from the end of the mattress when sleeping or alternatively my pillow fell down below the headboard; making it impossible to have a full nights sleep. I looked for months on many websites, and tried traditional methods like stuffing cushions, cuddly toys or towels into the gap but they all just kept failing. It felt like I’d tried everything and had gotten nowhere; I was back to square one.


Until now… the Parisot mattress gap filler which not only fills the gap but with the handy zip it also provides extra storage that I now use for pyjamas and other small objects. As the gap filler is at the end of your bed, objects inside are easily accessible as well as being hidden underneath your duvet. I’d also recommend it for children’s beds; it would be great for storing their soft toys.


Overall, I think this is a practical and durable design, perfect for children and adults alike. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially as it is so cheap!


By Lauren and Kirsty on work experience at The Wardrobe Store from Titus Salt School June 2017.