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Introducing...Parisot Beauty Bar

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, few pieces of furniture have revealed more about leisure pursuits, popular taste, and changing social customs than the dressing table or vanity.


From its humble origins as a decorated box for perfumes, cosmetics, rare oils, implements for applying make-up, and mirrors, the dressing table came into existence as we know it today during the 17th century. At this time in history, vanity began to take on a whole new meaning.


High society commissioned beautifully-crafted furniture to sit or stand at to apply make-up, shave, or style hair. These ornate tables had drawers, compartments, and later, mirrors attached to them to enable the user to neatly store away or display their toiletries and to enable them to preen at their reflection.


They were crafted in many styles but it was not until the early part of the 20th century during the Art Deco period that in Europe and America the dressing table came to epitomize the modern concept of glamour and luxury. Films often depicted the glamourous female lead sitting at her elegant dressing table in her bedroom or dressing room and this captured the hearts and desires of the modern woman who also wanted a stylish place to store her make-up, perfumes and trinkets and to be able to comfortably watch herself apply them in her own bedroom or dressing room.


Take a look at our beautiful and versatile dressing tables, the Parisot Beauty Bar and the Parisot Pimpante, both have an assortment or drawers and shelves to store your perfumes, make-up, hair accessories and jewellery, and both have a mirror so you can admire yourself and make sure there are no smudges or stray strand to detract from your finished look. We also have a delightful stool that fits perfectly with both dressing tables, the Parisot Sitty stool, so you can sit in comfort, at just the right height, with all your cosmetic essentials close at hand.