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Fall In Love With Your Bedroom Again . . .

Parisot Space Up bed


Want to maximise your storage space and living space at the same time? Here is your answer- the Parisot Space Up bed is an essential piece of furniture for your home. Throughout this article, you will begin to learn the ins and outs of the Parisot Space Up bed and why it is a necessity to your life. We roughly spend a third of our lives in bed, so why not treat yourself to the Parisot Space Up bed?


Storage space utilisation


Regardless of whether your home is large or small, time and time again people seem to be battling against the forever unsolved problem of not having enough storage space in their house to store their assets and belongings. This will result in people having to buy extra storage facilities at self-storage warehouse or even cluttering your bedroom. To those people who have a strong phobia of this kind of situation, fear no more! The Parisot Space Up bed is your one stop shop to a better life. This double bed is a brilliant concept and is extremely ideal for any type of house or situation. Moreover, the product must clearly be a success as it has caught attention from the pop sensation that is Miley Cyrus. Back in 2016, the celebrity posted a picture of the Parisot Space Up bed with the caption ‘things we can all learn from #tinyhouses’. This post clearly proves two points:  


1)      The product is great for utilising your storage space


2)      Even celebrities approve!


The ins and outs of the Parisot Space Up bed


The double bed sits on a raised platform with the phenomenally spacious storage located underneath. The storage is easily accessed by opening the base door and effortlessly lifting the mattress. Once fully opened, you are granted full access to the compartments located underneath the bed. Here you will find an array of storage facilities suited to all your needs. The smooth drawers, finished with a smooth white coat, are great for clothes or any other type of belonging. The space under each drawer is large enough and suitable for suitcases or other larger items which you may have. Moreover, you will find shelves located above the drawers which are great for literally anything! Moreover, the ability to walk between the shelves and drawers adds a personalised feel once the Parisot Space Up bed is fully furnished with your belongings. In addition to all these interior storage facilities and space, on the exterior of the Space Up bed you will find extra shelving just in case the interior shelving provided wasn’t enough!




With the Parisot Space Up bed being described as the furniture which ‘makes a teenager tidy’, you can go wrong with this product. Based from the reviews only, phrases like “worth every penny” and “ticks so many boxes” can be directly quoted multiple times over which is clearly due to the sheer quality of the products and the staff.  The reviews which we have received from the Parisot Space Up bed already is amazing, high quality and worth the money. Therefore, this clearly indicates that the product is a necessity for anyone. Feel free to look on our website at the product and the reviews it has received or to research the product further and look at reviews from various sources. Our website will be linked below.




To conclude, the Parisot Space Up bed is essential for any teenager and all their storage needs. Moreover, it can also be essential for the parents who want to store their masses of belongings under their teenage son or daughter’s bed! Overall, this bed is a work of innovation and modernisation as there is no other bed that comes close to the amount of storage and utility which you can use.  Ever since 3600 B.C.E, people have used beds for rest. Over 5000 years have passed since the first bed was built and introduced to the world and the Parisot Space Up bed clearly shows development and innovation of the product. This is the future of beds - don’t you want your kids to be involved?




For more information regarding the Parisot Space Up double bed and a clearer visualisation of the product overall, please feel free to click the link below and watch the YouTube clip. From the clip you will start to understand the full extent of what kind of experiences you can have on this bed which words can’t describe.




Below is the link to our general website where we retail furniture, the Wardrobe Stores. Here you will be able to find an arrangement of various different types of furniture which follow similar innovation paths that the Parisot Space Up bed has followed.


Space up bed


Below is a link to the Parisot Space Up bed so you can finally have a look at it for yourself. As well as that, you can find the link to the Miley Cyrus post. You be the judge.


This blog was written by work experience student Ollie Berryman aged 17 from Titus Salt School