The Great Headboard Comeback!


Something’s happening. There’s a comeback from the 17th century and no, it isn’t the bubonic plague. Over the last 50 years headboards have been making a comeback and I reckon Bedknobs and Broomsticks had something to do with it. Nowadays, upholstered headboards (or stuffers, to use their original name) were and are the epitome of class, and moreover super accessible, and from being encouraged to start your own bedtime DIY to our great value Parisot Artus headboard, you can spruce up your classy yet lacking monochrome bedroom and really make it something special.


Headboards actually serve a purpose other than looking cool and being something cosy to lean against when reading a good book- they’re a way of encouraging cold air to settle on the ground as opposed to on your bed by creating a gap between the bed and the wall, and for blocking out drafts. This was developed by the Greeks and Romans who utilized the bed as a focal point for entertaining guests as the headboard allowed them to eat and socialise on and around the bed. Upholstered headboards, however, are more focused on comfort and personal satisfaction as they come from a time when the bedroom was becoming more and more private and the original gold and silver headboards of Egyptian pharaohs where being forgotten in the name of relaxation, so the showy four poster bed and fabric canopies were replaced with a more modest in size but similarly luxurious upholstery.


To put it briefly, headboards are the luxurious item your bedroom wants and your back needs, so don’t forget to check out ourheadboard collectionto add some glamour to bedtime.