Kitting Out Student Digs Made Easy


One of my kids is about to go to university and I am in a flat spin! I am elated that they achieved the grades they needed to pursue the academic path they have chosen but goodness there is some organising to be done now….



I have 4 children, the eldest went to college and is working and happily married, the next works in the family firm, the youngest is doing their GCSE’s and the second youngest is about to start university. Their new place of study is over 200 miles away and although they will be staying in student accommodation with bed supplied I need to buy an unbelievable number of things to set them up. They will have their own room with a single bed and then a communal kitchen / living area which will be furnished with white goods like cooker, kettle, fridge et al but we need to accumulate a seemingly endless list; desk, wardrobe, storage space, cutlery, crockery, bedding, linen, towels, not to mention personal effects, books, clothes, toiletries…. See the list is endless!


My kitchen has 3 spacious Parisot Kubikub drawers stuffed with cleaning products, food cupboard basic essentials like rice, pasta, tins of chopped tomatoes and soup, towels and some bed linen. Once up in her new digs these pristine white drawers will slide neatly into the Parisot Kubikub 9 cube unit we have bought as extra storage/shelving space in her room. This lovely white unit comes flat packed and will only take a short time to assemble once we arrive.


We chose the Parisot Galaxy Open Wardrobe in white as her clothes storage solution. We liked the simple yet effective mix of hanging and shelving space, there is also a neat drawer between the shelves and the whole thing sits on castors so it will be easy to position once she has settles into her room. Again it is currently flat packed for ease of transport but will be relatively quick and easy to assemble once on site. As a mother I think it will be easy to move to clean behind and under but apparently as a student that is an alien concept… cleaning behind something?? People do that??


To give some contrast we chose the Parisot Crea Craft Station for her desk. It has a wonderful array of storage options; 2 nifty swing out drawers with a useful cupboard underneath and an unbelievable amount of shelving below the expansive desk top. It stretches across the back and down the side and there is plenty of space for books, folders, ring binders, box files, spare paper and whatever else she will need to keep to hand whilst studying in her room.


I really loved the choice and ease of ordering when I bought these items from The Wardrobe Store. Their customer service was excellent! With free delivery on all items these goods came in well under budget but best of all I am having the larger items, desk and wardrobe, delivered straight to my daughters digs. How easy and wonderful is that?! I think if we had chosen more substantial furniture we would have taken advantage of the assembly service. It was definitely worth the phone call to discuss our requirements because when the assembly service came up in the conversation they offered a discounted bulk price as opposed to 3 individual assembly charges.


The products we bought were:


Parisot Kubikub 9 Hole Cube Unit – white - Product Code: 805006

Parisot Kubikub Drawer – white x 3 - Product Code: 805020

Parisot Galaxy Open Wardrobe – white - Product Code : 5469DRES

Parisot Crea Craft Station – Brooklyn Oak & Grey - Product Code: 7506BURE


Tessa Moore – Yorkshire.